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Let me explain why every lesson you ever learned in maths was a waste of time.

You’re all familiar with recurring numbers repeated decimals to eternity so take 0.9R (R for recurring)

So 1 = 0.9R heres how

x = 0.9R


10x = 9.9R


9x = 9


x = 1


For those of you who reject that proof:

1 = 0.9R

1 divide 3 = 1/3

1/3 = 0.3R


3/3  = 0.9R

3/3 = 1

1 = 0.9R

Take the first proof a step further to assume

1 = 1.0r1 = 1.0r2 = 1.0r3 … Sequence to non finite … = 2

1 = 2

All numbers are equal

The End

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Wow, just wow.

Wow, just wow.

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Encoded a video with no sound

  • to mp3...

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This would be so cool!

This would be so cool!

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I offered to help, free of charge.

Soooooooo, I agree to help my friend (lets call him “Dave-io” with his coursework, he did exceptionally well and was selected to direct the feature film their uni does every year, (yay for him). Now for everyone else who is studying there gets the opportunity to work on it for their coursework too.

This includes marketing.

Marketing suck, they were given the assignment in September, they asked the IT at the uni FAR too late, so Dave-io says to me “Hey man can you whip us up a site?” So I’m all like: “Yeah bro, whatevs,”

So, I’ve agreed to help my friend, aren’t I sweet.

I asked for ftp access to this site from marketing in late November. It’s now January. I have a username and a password. I’ve asked for a server address eight times, and three times I got told the ftp server address was http://website.co.uk twice I got no response, twice he e-mailed Dave-io instead of me (and again gave the url for the site) and this last time, he asked me how I normally access sites and then had the CHEEK to suggest ftp programmes, (oh and he clarified that ftp stands for File Transfer Protocol, [thank god for that, in 3 years of web development I’ve never known that</sacarsm>]) and gave me the host name of HTTP://FTP.website.co.uk!

So, I gave the marketing team benefit of the doubt and assumed they didn’t know anything and so tried ftp.website.co.uk (which I did try originally, by the way) which is of course STILL INCORRECT, why? WHY?

I’m doing this FREE-OF-CHARGE and I can’t even access it. What the flip? Why try and help someone, it doesn’t affect my friends coursework, he’s set as director. It affects the MARKETING TEAM, who are the laziest bunch of shit-heads I have ever had to deal with. EVER.

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