A day in paradise.

Just whatever I see really,

Some stuff I like:

Funny stuff
Star Wars
My League screenies
Other League of Legends stuff
MedSchool references
AND you can burn your eyes out on me

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When blogs really like your blog so they like everything you post, but are so ashamed to be themselves and reblog it makes me sad.

What has happened to the world if you can’t even be true to yourself on tumblr…

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Look right,

I know it sucks,

I know it’s hard.

But just except that I like you,

a lot, 

and I will be there to catch you when you fall.

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Mechanism of injury: being an idiot!

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Holy shit,

  • If what I believe to be true is in fact true, the new found truth will literally cause mind explosions everywhere.
  • I mean like, seriously?

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